Jessica & Chase Wedding

Great couple we really enjoyed working with them, we also enjoyed the wedding so close to home πŸ™‚ not to often we get to work in our area so it was nice. The food was great and I loved the lemonade, couldn’t get enough of it. Jessica is a good friend of ours so it was a very stress free day and the images looked fabulous. Below is a teazser of just a few of this couples wedding day.

Merrell Photography

~ by Merrell Photography on September 13, 2010.

91 Responses to “Jessica & Chase Wedding”

  1. LOVE it!!! πŸ™‚ You did a great job.

  2. Beautiful, as always!

  3. The pictures are absolutely georgeous. You both did a super job. I appreciate you making our day very special and memorable.

  4. Simply Beautiful !

  5. Beautiful!!!!!!!

  6. Beautiful!!

  7. Chad & Judith,
    You guys ares GREAT! I love the teazer & cannot wait to see the rest!

  8. Wow!! Great Job! The Pictures are Beautiful!!

  9. Absolutely gorgeous!!! πŸ™‚

  10. Beautiful!

  11. Great PIctures. You had beautiful people you were working with though—Should have made it easier. πŸ™‚

  12. beautiful.

  13. Absolutely beautiful… sorry I didnt get to see it in person!

  14. Beautiful!!

  15. Amazing Job!

  16. Beautiful pictures! You were gorgeous!

  17. Beautiful, amazing, very nice

  18. Great Job!!!!!! Love you work.

  19. Gorgeous!
    These pictures are awesome, not only great photographers, but it helps to have such a beautiful couple to work with! Ready to see more!!

  20. aweee! i love this! (:

  21. these pics are very very beautiful! Jessie u are amazingly beautiful(:

  22. I love the pictures!!!! Great Job hehe

  23. Beautiful couple and pictures. Ready to see more.

  24. The Pictures are Beautiful!!

  25. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple!

  27. Beautiful!

  28. Splendid.. Looks like something out of a magazine.

  29. Beautiful!!!

  30. Beautiful pictures and a great looking couple!!!

  31. Great pics! They look very natural!

  32. These are so beautiful!!!Congrats Chase and Jesse!!!

  33. these are beautiful

  34. You were breath taking Jessi…Chase is very lucky to have a married a wonderful person like you. && Chad..AWESOME JOB!!! =)

  35. Can’t wait to see the others. You had a great looking couple to work with. Great Job.

  36. i love these picture… jessi was so pretty on her special day!

  37. Utterly Breathtaking!!
    (especially the two monkeys, huh!)

  38. The pictures are beautiful!! πŸ™‚

  39. Oh My! These are beyond words! It is going to be an impossible task trying to determine which pictures we want. Chase and Jessi, you were gorgeous and handsome! Chad and Judith, thanks for making our children’s wedding day memories so special!

  40. Beautiful!! The pictures are amazing!!

  41. nice pics

  42. I love the picture jessi.. wish I could have went.. love you mama helped me typed this message lol

  43. My cousin is such a pretty bride. Congrats to yall both

  44. Beautiful and original! These pictures will help their special day seem to last longer than just one day!

  45. I absolutely love your pictures Jessi and Chase. I can’t believe that you are old enough to be married, You are just 3 mths older than my Jesse. You are a beautiful bride, you look sooo happy and in love. I wish you the best for many years to come.

  46. These are amazing pictures…such a lovely couple!!

  47. I agree with caressieauna, It looks like something straight out of a magazine…
    Congratulations Jessica and Chase

  48. Jessica, you were a very beautiful bride and Chase a most handsome groom!! Your photos can’t be anything but beautiful. You Merrells were so patient and ready to please!! Thanks for your dedicated work. Delores (Granny)

  49. Very pretty ..

  50. nice pictures..

  51. Beautiful pics ! It looked like something out of a fairy tale !

  52. Young love! These pictures not only captured their immages but also the feeling of their heart!

  53. Beautiful pictures.

  54. All the pictures are great. Jessice you were beautiful.

  55. Beautiful pics! I can’t wait to see the rest! πŸ™‚

  56. These are very, very pretty pictures.

  57. these are amazing pictures…very very great photography

  58. Beautiful!

  59. Beautiful picture.

  60. pretty

  61. beautiful pictures of a beautiful wedding!


  63. stunning to say the least, absolute beauty to behold!!!

  64. πŸ™‚ love them ..

  65. gorgeous bride and a handsome groom

  66. Beautiful!!!!

  67. OMG! Awesome! But what can you expect with such a great couple…can’t wait to see all the pics!

  68. The pictures are absolutely gorgeous!! Great job Chad and Judith! BEAUTIFUL couple!

  69. Precious…Congratulations and God Bless You Both

  70. Absolutely stunning Mrs. Taylor!! πŸ™‚

  71. The pictures are awesome truly a great christian couple in love they are truly in love and great friends we love them a lot. God put them together,pictures are how the truly feel about one another.

  72. great pictures

  73. Great pictures

  74. Nice photos ..

  75. love those great pictures

  76. Beautiful Couple..

  77. Absolutely Amazing….

  78. Beautiful wedding, pictures, and couple.

  79. The pictures are beautiful, the couple is beautiful and the photographers were very nice and courteous.

  80. gorgeous!!1

  81. Who would believe that this awesome photographer, beautiful couple and wedding site was from Atkinson County? It looks straight out of a bridal magazine in New York City. Of course, I must mention that the photographer and site was from Axson, GA. Even more shocking!! Best wishes Jessie and Chase!!

  82. Such a beautiful bride!

  83. “Lovely Bride” marries her “Sweetheart – a real Southern Gentleman”. Beautiful wedding and great pictures. Love you both, Aunt Ann.

  84. Congratulations, hope you both have a long and happy marriage. Beautiful wedding and great pictures. You were a beautiful bride, Jessica. Love, Uncle Bobby.

  85. The pictures look very good! Great job Chad and Judith.

  86. Beautiful pictures for these precious people,my grandson and grand-daughter in law.They are the best!!!

  87. It was a great day! It was such an honor to be asked to perform the ceremony for Chase and Jessica. The pictures are so good.

  88. The pictures are awesome. I had so much fun that day!

  89. A beautiful wedding, and such a beautiful couple. Your photos are sooo good. Love, Ansley

  90. Lovely Couple, Beautiful Couple, Love Wayne

  91. Beautiful pictures, precious wedding and an adorable couple!!

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