Stephanies Little Angels

Merrell Photography

~ by Merrell Photography on September 14, 2010.

91 Responses to “Stephanies Little Angels”

  1. These pictures are beautiful.

  2. Beautiful work, as usual. Easy to work with cute clients, too! 🙂

  3. The pictures are precious and so are your girls!!

  4. These girls are just as sweet & beautiful as their mother, Steph! Awesome photography!!!

  5. Beautiful, as always! Beautiful like their mama!

  6. These are gorgeous! I need some sugar from those Killer B’s! 🙂 Love Ya’ll!

  7. Your little girls are so cute Stephanie! Great Pictures!

  8. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  9. LOVE THIS! Chad – my name is Devis and I am super interested in having you take pics of my family for me! 🙂 I have three beautiful children and I love your eye!

  10. LOVE LOVE LOVE! All the pics are great.

  11. Chad does such a wonderful job! Your pictures are going to be amazing from what I can see in the teaser!

  12. Beautiful Pictures.

  13. They look great so far! Im sure you will be very pleased! Chad does such a great job. He done my senior pics and he has come a long way since then lol. Your girls are precious!

  14. So beautiful Steph!! Love the pictures, great job!

  15. This is precious:) great job!

  16. What beautiful gifts from GOD!!

  17. Beautiful!

  18. My beautiful little angels…I just love these pictures Chad.

  19. Sweet photos…almost as sweet as those pretty girls 🙂

  20. I just love these photos..two very cute little girls. you had good subjects.

  21. Beautiful!!

  22. They are sooo precious. Can’t wait to see many more!! Spectacular job!

  23. Beautiful!!!!!

  24. And Chad I admire all your photography. You do excellant work. I can’t wait to have a family and let you take our pics as well!!

  25. Simply Beautiful!! Love Them!!

  26. The pics are beautiful as so are the girls… Stephanie & Brooks has something to be very proud of

  27. Chad you are amazing! But it sure helps when the girls are as pretty as these!!!

  28. Just Beautiful!!! 🙂

  29. adorable 🙂

  30. Precious 🙂

  31. The Pictures are awesome, as always! These two little girls are too precious 🙂

  32. Steph, these are some beautiful children you’ve got. 🙂

  33. Great Work! Such a beautiful family!

  34. Look at the baby’s (:
    Their growing so FAST!, Gezz’s
    I love you all (:

  35. Those are my gorgeous girls

  36. Very , Very , Very PRETTY (:
    Ya’ll have some gorgeous girl
    We love ya’ll.

  37. Beautiful pics and babies!!!

  38. Beautiful pictures!

  39. BEAUTIFUL pictures!!

  40. Beautiful!! 🙂

  41. They are precious!

  42. Goregous pictures! Can’t believe how big the new little one is getting already! She is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!

  43. Beautiful!!!

  44. Heavenly, but what could you expect with those two little angels. Beautiful, just like their Mom and Dad.

  45. Beautiful pictures!!!!!

  46. these are so great. can’t wait to the rest! beautiful family!

  47. Gorgeous!!!! that baby is sooo precious!

  48. Pretty Pictures

  49. these pictures are so pretty:)


  51. Gorgeous babies, great photos!

  52. what precious angels!

  53. I love them!

  54. They are beautiful!

  55. Beautiful Grand babies.


  57. Your girls are so precious! Just as pretty as you!

  58. Great Job!! They are some cuties!!

  59. They are gorgeous! Great job!

  60. So cute 🙂

  61. They are my beautiful great nieces!!! Of course they have a beautiful mama too!!!

  62. Of course they’re beautiful cause it runs in the family!!!!

  63. So sweet!!! You have such beautiful girls!

  64. very beautiful pics!!

  65. Great pictures of my grand daughters

  66. beautiful pics!!!! love them

  67. Beautiful Family !

  68. Can’t wait to see more pictures! These are beautiful.

  69. can you do my wedding someday????

  70. Those are such sweet babies. Jac and Josie love going to visit yall

  71. oh i loooveeeee it!!!!! i love this lil family!!!

  72. Beautiful family! Love you guys

  73. Very Good Photos.You have two beautiful Angels. Beautiful……

  74. Beautiful family! I love the pictures!

  75. These pictures are very beautiful

  76. What a beautiful girls and pleasure to work with.

  77. Beautiful!!!

  78. so sweet

  79. These are beautiful!!!

  80. These are awesome! Chad does such a great job!

  81. awwwwww!

  82. Cute pics!! Beautiful family!

  83. Just beautiful!

  84. Your girls are beautiful, Stephanie! Wonderful work.

  85. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  86. Beautiful!

  87. just precious!

  88. Beautiful pics Steph!


  90. Truly beautiful, they are both so adorable! Merrell Photography did an amazing job 🙂

  91. My nieces are gorgeous

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